Wednesday 7 April 2010

The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt is Complete!

Time's up! The eggs have been found, and I can now reveal that the two winners are:
  • Rades - who sent in his answers first after every update to the list, and even tweeted about the final egg being confirmed before I did!  If I wasn't so impressed with his egg-finding I'd accuse him of hacking my email :P
  • Poneria - was the second to send a complete and correct list (in a spreadsheet no less) 
Congratulations and well done! I'll put you both in contact with Mason to arrange your prizes.
It was a very tight race, and special mention has to go to Heather, Jaedia, Anea, Iaaiv and Tarinae - you all did so well and thanks for your entries! I'm sorry I couldn't offer more prizes.

Some of the eggs were hidden so well, I have no idea how people managed to find them. Some of the most difficult included Pugging Pally, who stumped a few people by the sounds of it, and WoW Philosophised who linked his Creative Commons License to a Sprite Darter Egg - well done to all who managed to find that one! Which one had you stumped?

Thanks are due to all the bloggers out there who joined in and hid an egg - I recommend you drop by the blogs in the list and maybe add a few to your feedreader - they are the real treasure in this hunt after all!

Also thanks are due to all the WoW Twitterati who re-tweeted the #wowegghunt tweets for me. You're awesome! Also Blog Azeroth and the Twisted Nether Blogcast for helping me gather bloggers :)

I'm interested in hearing your feedback if you decided not to enter the competition - was there too many blogs to look through? Were the eggs too well-hidden? I realise a lot of people may have been away or too busy over the long weekend, but the list is still here so stop by a few blogs and check out the eggs :)

Here's the full list of all the egg locations. I've borrowed Poneria's spreadsheet:

Page w/ Egg Notes about the Egg's location Sidebar: in the Single Abstract Noun, I mean, Single Abstract Egg, button The El Pollo Grande link leads to an egg. =P At the bottom of the page At the bottom, egg image At the bottom of the page, kinda pinky Sidebar: between 10-man bloggers & other random sites image on the pages bar (Home, Resources, About Me, Contact Ice, )  Looks like somebody scratched out some background to reveal a golden egg. Just before the tilde (~~~~) break, "Now to test my most >>egg< under "Side Effects" there's a link using the word "Egg" 2nd paragraph from the bottom: "Nope, no >>egg< at the bottom of the page, made out like it's a character in the SAN guild. in the flowchart, in the line above the HURRRRRRRRRRRRR The image is epic: it's Trollaggedon launching a firey egg.  Clicking the image reveals that I've found the egg. at the bottom, says "easter egg" in binary Strayegg's blogroll link has been hijacked! :) next to the Noblegarden title before the NG pictures (after Lunar Festival & Love is in the Air) At bottom, firey & with wings Under Edainne the level 80 Draenei Priest The Egg of Mortal Essence Sidebar: blue egg under currently playing Upper righthand corner, it's a link to "Twegger" Pets & Mounts page, at the bottom, Almost can't see the bugger!  Below the meta, in the background, there's a dark egg shape.  I've found it on two pages, though Sidebar: next to the RSS & Twitter buttons The icon next to Oracle Egg at the bottom of the post Rades's comment has a purple & gold laughing Draenei egg in the chart, top right ("Is that a crappy egg I see?") horde egg at Caste's feet --> clicking the image leads me to a confirmation page that it's not actually the armory Between Muffin's feet Sidebar: it's in the Horde symbol of the SAN image button at the bottom: that evil looking orc egg Sidebar: under the "powered by Wowhead" widget thingy sidebar: rainbow egg under all the feed stats buttons Well, I guess being fish-people, murlocs would, in fact, lay eggs. the lion in front of the druid tree on the right side has it at the very bottom, it's a purple egg with a druid tree in it. :) The Dungeon For Two etc. post --> link from his name --> this site linked --> sidebar: under picture of Puck the dog, it's Porter wearing bunny ears and holding an Easter basket Sidebar: down near the "featured"; it's magenta, cyan, green, striped, speckled at the bottom, kinda obvious the Happy Easter! Link confirms it wayyyyyyy at the bottom, below the copyright, pink/red & green wavy stripes on it 5th picture down, it's in the lower lefthand corner of the pictured car dashboard sidebar: next to the TNWiki button, if you hover over the Creative Commons license button, you get the Sprite Darter Egg tooltip from Wowhead at the bottom: it has feet!

And now, I shall rest.
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