Monday 24 September 2012

Mists of Pandaria Resto Pre-raid Gear List Is Available!

Can you believe that Mists of Pandaria is releasing tomorrow? Tomorrow!

I'm celebrating early by releasing my:

Mists of Pandaria Pre-Raid Restoration Gear List!

The list contains leather caster gear that will be available from quests, factions, BoE items, crafted items, Justice and Valor points, both normal and heroic dungeons, world bosses and "Raid Finder" raids.

It's meant more as a list of what's available, rather than a best-in-slot list. I hope it helps you gather some gear to get ready to raid!

It's still a work in progress as I update links to more info, add missing items, etc. Please let me know if you spot anything incorrect or missing.

Mists of Pandaria is quite an exciting expansion for me, mostly because apart from the gear list, I have barely looked at any information about what is coming. I've been too busy to read blogs lately, much to my disappointment, and I wasn't part of the Beta and purposely stayed away from reading about Beta stuff.

I'm going into this one in a strange position since I have two Druids to choose from. Which to level first? Leesah is back on her home server but unless the guild there picks up again, it's looking like Aoifen will become my proper main. I suppose we'll see tomorrow night.

Whatever happens, I'm super-excited to see all the new content. I hope I'll get a chance to share my thoughts with you all a bit more often!

Have a fantastic time in the first few days with the Pandaren! You might find Derevka's tips for staying healthy helpful if you're planning to power through to level 90 ;)