Thursday 28 June 2012

It Is Done

It took me quite a long time, but finally, I'm there. Aoifen is a Loremaster at last. I know it's nowhere near as much of a pain as it would have been do to it when achievements were new, but for a super-casual player, it sure feels like an achievement!

The Lich King doesn't agree with me...

Actually, Arthas, I beg to differ.

Apart from The Loremaster and all that it entails, there was a bunch of other fun stuff I picked up along the way...
I also have an absolute LOAD of gear in my bags because my bank and void storage is full... I only kept the pretty stuff, honest! 

I'm planning on doing a few posts about my favourite zones and some moggy type posts too, but that might have to wait until I've organised my bags a little *wince*.

Anyway, I'm happy that's finished! :)

And yes. the last mob I killed dropped the recipe for Bad Clams!