Wednesday, 4 May 2011

For the Children

Firstly, congrats to Rades on winning the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt for the second year! Also grats to the runners-up Christine and Anslym and a big well done to Kamalia for organising the whole thing this year!

However, Noblegarden is over and we've been thrown straight into Children's Week. These two holidays only run for a week each, so we don't have too much luxury to get the achievements done in time. Leesah didn't do [For The Children] last year - the necessary achievements are quite time consuming, plus it involves one of the least-liked achievements of all the holidays - [School of Hard Knocks].

If you're like me and the thought of capturing the flag and such in battlegrounds scares you to death, I recommend having a read of Cynwise's guide to the achievement from last year. He's done a great job of making it feel more achievable. I'm going to give it a red hot go, anyway.

Good luck to those doing Children's Weeks achievements this year!
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