Friday, 8 July 2011

Druid Addict? Me?

Aoifen, my baby Druid, has reached level 85.

That means I now have had three max-level Druids (one is level 80). I can't help it, Druids are awesome!

Aoifen leveled up by questing through the new Azeroth. She has done very few dungeons due to my erratic Sproutling-timetable and did a fair old portion of 80-85 leveling through Archaeology, so her gear at ding time was pretty bad. It's time to follow my own advice and get gearing!

Two days later, Aoifen was sporting a couple of shiny epics already thanks to patch 4.2 - the shiny cloak from Thrall's quest chain, plus the Nightweaver's Amulet available after the first set of Firelands dailies. My item level was already 327! I ran a couple of normal dungeons and picked up a couple of upgrades and all of a sudden, my level is 330.

Do I want to run a heroic yet? I certainly don't think I could heal a heroic yet - mana has been scarce in the normal dungeons I've healed now, so I'd like to sort those out before I consider a heroic. I will probably have a go as Moonkin first to see if I can do enough damage to not be kicked. Let's see if I can avoid those tanks on Rhii's ignore list!
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