Monday, 12 September 2011

Get the Look: Additional Resources

While everyone is still busily running old content to gather their armor for Transmogrification purposes, I'd like to gather a list of all the resources I've seen over the last couple of weeks for finding your perfect look.

Firstly, my own posts on leather gear (might as well start with myself):

  1. The twelve Druid tier sets and their recoloured look-alike sets
  2. Other leather dungeon and raid sets
  3. PvP sets
  4. Crafted by leatherworkers
  5. Uncommon (green) sets

I'm not planning on adding to this series, although if anyone has suggestions for additional info they'd like or improvements to the existing posts, please let me know, I'd love feedback!

Update 23/9: There has been a blue post detailing the current list of rules for Transmogrification.

Perculia of the Wowhead blog has put together an impressive series of posts about Transmogrification for all armor types including:
  1. Tier armor
  2. Unique armor
  3. Tier Look-alikes
  4. Matching greens

Here are some other great resources from around the community:

If you know of any other great gear related resources, please share them!
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