Saturday, 24 December 2011

Furtive Father Winter: Is Great Father Winter Real?

As Winter Veil approaches, the Blog Azeroth community has once again come together for the yearly exchange of posts. This year, the exchange is known as Furtive Father Winter and was organised by Akabeko of Red Cow Rise

I was delighted to find my present in my inbox this morning - from Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings. Thanks so much, Beru! Happy Winter Veil to you!


One year as Winter Veil approached, Angelya was at home working on mulling her sparkling apple cider when her Sproutling approached her and said “Momma, some of my friends say there is no Great Father Winter”. Angelya thought on this for a minute, and encouraged her Sproutling to ask The Azerothian Sun if it was true, “because if it’s in the Sun, it’s so”, she told the Sproutling.

And so the sproutling sat down, and wrote to the Sun:


Well, as it turns out, that Sunday – on page seven of The Azerothian Sun – they answered the all important question: Is there a Great Father Winter?


(Author’s Note – The “Yes, Virginia” editorial dating back to 1897 has always been fascinating to me for many reasons, but most of all because of what it says. This year has been rough on me personally, and reading through this again in drafting this post, has given me the reminder that believing in the fantastical and impossible is not a bad thing and is what gives us heart and hope. While I did modify the text of the editorial slightly from the original to fit into the Azeroth world, the majority of the text remains the same, as does the integrity of the message the editorial writer was sending. As such, I would like to give credit to the original author of the editorial, Francis P. Church. As the story has been retold many times over the years, I did not think he’d mind my borrowing it one more time to share the message with Angelya and her Sproutling on this holiday season).
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