Wednesday 18 January 2012

WoW's Bucket List

There's been a plague of Bucket Lists for Cataclysm going around recently. I've had a project list in my head for a while, but it's all been put on hold because I cancelled my Wow subscription during last week.

I'm not dissatisfied or bored with the game by any means. Like Big Bear Butt, I have too many fun things to do each time I log on and have to prioritize my limited play time. I still love the look, the feel, the music and the comfortable familiarity of Azeroth, and I doubt that will ever change.

My horde guild, however, all moved away from the game during the last year and have started playing together again in SW:TOR. With the few hours I've had available to play lately, there's no way I have time for two MMOs, so I'm having a bit of a Wow holiday while I play with the lightsabers. That said, I do intend to return to Wow at some point - if not before Mists of Pandaria then when it is released.

I've written this bucket list anyway to remind myself of the things I still have planned to do in Wow.

1. Loremaster Aoifen

I've been working on this one for a while now here and there. I started with the Cataclysm zones back in October and moved on through Northrend. I decided to leave Icecrown to last - I thought The Final Goal always sounded like a nice way to finish.

It was while I was trudging through Outland for the millionth time when it occurred to me that there might be a deadline approaching - by this time my old guildies had talked about their intentions to play SWTOR and I had decided to join them.  I decided to leave Outland and make sure I did the zones that I hadn't yet seen in post-Cataclysm Azeroth, including places like Western and Eastern Plaguelands, Duskwood and Stranglethorn.

I hadn't really anticipated how long it would take me to get it all done! I'm more than halfway through Eastern Kingdoms zones but have barely touched Kalimdor, and then I've got to go back and finish Outlands! It's a big job, but I have really enjoyed exploring the new quests and finishing off some of the chains I left while leveling Aoifen.

While travelling around I've also picked up some very nice pieces of moggable gear, but that's for another post.

2. Fix Aoifen's mog set

I do so love Transmogrification! It's fantastic to see all the different armour sets around the cities, from the very formal to the ridiculous. I did a smattering of old-school raids before 4.3 was released, but never really picked up a whole set of anything for Aoifen, so when the patch arrived I took Phaelia's Vestments and tried to match whatever I had in the bank to it. The set looks pretty bonkers at the moment, but so far I haven't picked up anything to make it better.

When I come back to the game I plan to sit down with model viewer and design myself a set. I'd love a set of Tier 5. There are other combinations that I've toyed with while working on my mogging posts... but it will take some time to get a look I'm happy with. The antlers will be staying though.

3. Gear up Aefa and do some Magey LFR
My poor neglected Frost Mage has been cooling her heels (so to speak) while I dally with my Alliance toons. Her gear level isn't even up to Trollroics yet, but I'd love to get her into some LFR. If I can remember how to play a Mage again I might even not be at the bottom of the meters!

Aefa could also do with a visit from the mogging fairies. She doesn't even have nice-looking gear in her bank, but at least now that her Engineering is maxed she can wear goggles as is right and proper for one of her profession. A wardrobe planning session is in order I'd say!

4. Guardian of Cenarius for one or other of my Druids
This project has been on my list for a long time but I haven't been interested in grinding it out. I feel it's a title that a Druid should really have, don't you think? The Wowhead pages and comments for each of Cenarion Expedition and Cenarion Circle will help with reputation gathering for the title.

5. A Horde Loremaster
For completeness' sake, if I'm not completely done with questing, I require a Loremaster on the Horde side. When that will be, I have no idea.

6. Level up a Paladin/Rogue/Warrior/Warlock
I have this bad habit of rolling Paladins on various servers I'm visiting, then never getting them past level 20. I also have never levelled a Warlock past level 30-ish, or a Rogue or Warrior at all. And I call myself an altaholic? I do have a neglected Shaman, but while I enjoyed levelling her as Enhancement, I never really got on with melee in dungeons or raids. I don't think that bodes well for my Rogue/Warrior aspirations.

Phew, all that should keep me busy for a long time to come!

Can anyone offer me any advice on getting any of these items done?
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