Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Missing Ang

Hi! Long time, no see eh?

Now that the craziness that was July has finished and the release date for Pandaria is closing fast, I thought it was time to get back into Warcrafty things!

So, what have I been up to lately?

Firstly, I got Navispammed! I had enjoyed seeing all of Navimie's other posts about visiting all sorts of bloggy people so I was rather excited when she wanted to come visit me! My toons are kind of spread over several servers now, but she came to visit Aoifen and my lovely adopted guild, Vitare.

A new Home
I've decided to make Aefa my Horde Loremaster, or at least see the quests in zones that are very different for Horde. My Horde guild on Nagrand is pretty much deserted most of the time (come baaack!) so I made the tough decision to move Aefa and Leesah over to Saurfang, to join my sister-in-law's guild. They are still raiding and are quite active on off nights as well, although I'm back to feeling like the new kid in school. The name Leesah was taken on the new server so I had to change it - I didn't think of adding an accented character to the name until it was too late so she's now Lysah. I don't think she's too happy with the new name.

I've finally got Aoifen's mog set in a state I more-or-less like. If you're interested in what she's wearing now, it's:

Head: Nordrassil Headguard
Shoulders: Puregrove Spaulders
Chest: Malfurion's Robe of Conquest
Back: Netherwane Cloak
Hands: Glovelettes of Opening
Waist: Gryphon Master's Belt
Legs can't be seen with a robe!
Feet: Luring Footpads
Main hand (mace): Hammer of the Thorium Brotherhood
Off hand: Globe of Moonlight

Lysah, on the other hand, could use some Mogging love. I'd really love a full set of T5 for her - she has the head and shoulders, but I'd love the chestpiece, legs and gloves. Anyone for a go at Kael'thas? Perhaps a bit of SSC?

What's next?
I'm planning on creating new pre-raid gear lists for Mists of Pandaria before the expansion arrives, based on the PTR items. They're looking pretty nice so far - lots of Asian-inspired names at least. I haven't been part of the beta at all so I'm not sure what the new items look like!

I'm also planning to get back into updating this blog a bit more often, although that really depends on time which is rather precious at the moment! Why so little time? Well, it's mostly down to this little guy:

I hope you're all well and that your plans for Mists of Pandaria are coming together!
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