Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hallow's End 2012

Hallow's End has arrived again - my favourite holiday! Sadly I can't actually get in to see my favourite part just yet - you need to be level 89 to queue for the Headless Horseman and Leesah is still lagging at 88. I'll get there soon though... very soon I hope! It runs until October 31 so there's plenty of time!

If you're hunting candy buckets this year, my maps from last year still work - All The Candy Buckets.

I was also rather surprised to have my maps posted up on /r/wow this week, but I was quite happy to be linked and credited. It all belongs to Blizzard anyway I suppose, so it wasn't my work in the first place ;) Heyoz created a similar map for Pandaria bucket locations so head over there to check it out.

As usual, there's an awesome Guide to Hallow's End on Wowhead.

Happy Hallow's End!
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