Restoration Druid Fresh 80 Gear Plan

Welcome to the Resto Druid Fresh 80 Gear Plan!

This list is intended to be for druids newly or approaching level 80, showing the BoE/quest gear we can get pre-80, the crafted gear we can get at 80 if we are flush with gold, a few items from dungeons at 80 and the most worthwhile items to spend Emblems on.  I've included some of the better gear from heroics, but not all.

If you are looking for BiS Resto Druid loot from ICC, this is not the list for you! May I recommend you head over to the 10-man or 25-man gear lists at Hots & Dots. This page is merely a list of the most accessible gear for new 80s.

My list does include some cloth items, but NOT cloth items from dungeons, as we can't roll need on them so the chances of actually getting one are so slim as to not bother.  I've marked the cloth items, but there's no real disadvantage to wearing cloth as a healer (apart from putting up with the QQ tears of clothies).

I have included [Emblem of Frost] items in this version of the list. The emblems are easier to get now than they used to be - make sure you try to do a daily heroic as often as you can and the weekly raid quest is usually pretty easy to pug.

The stat weighting I used is based on values from the Elitist Jerks Resto itemization thread.  Reaching the haste soft cap of 735 (if you have Celestial Focus) is the first priority, so I've favoured haste items in this list.

The stat weighting basically looks like this:
Haste (until cap) > Spellpower > Int = Spirit > Mp5 > Crit
You can find more information about stat caps on my Resto Cheat Sheet.

Some items have different names between factions, with the same stats.  I've linked the Horde items but the Alliance names are in brackets.

All Tier 9 and 10 items are marked. They are not always the best item for the same slot, but the set bonuses make it worthwhile collecting them.












Note:  Comparing trinkets is tough - the choices you make is really down to what stats you need in the fights you're healing.  More analysis can be found in this thread on Elitist Jerks, although it  mainly talks about high-end raiding trinkets.
Note:  1h weapons are compared to 2 handers by adding the score from the Handbook of Obscure Remedies.


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