Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Allow myself to introduce... myself

Hello, and welcome to Revive and Rejuvenate. I'm Angelya, a forsaken, retired Shadow Priest living in the Undercity.

In another life, at another time, I was a human shadow priest on the Eonar-EU server. But then, just before the Ulduar patch, I left the game and took a break for six months to travel back to my home country of Australia. I played a little when we got home, but a 10-hour timezone difference is a terrible thing. So, some 9 months later, my husband and I have rerolled on an Oceanic server and are using refer-a-friend to level up as quickly as possible to get back into endgame before the Cataclysm.

My new main toon is Leesah, a druid, and my husband has also rolled a druid, Melof. We have a list of alts to make as well!

Why blog about it? Because I love reading blogs and talking about WoW and I'd love to join the community in sharing my passion for the game.

Why do I blog with a different name to my main? Because I've been Ang for about 3 years now and I feel comfy in her worn-in cloth slippers :)

I'm not a theorycrafter but I read other people's theories and try to use them to play better. You're welcome to join me as I Revive my WoW career and Rejuvenate my druidy skills!

Pull up a chair and make yourself at home :)
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