Sunday, 27 December 2009

Progress Post: Level 20

'Tis the season to visit each branch of the family tree and generally stuff yourself silly. We've done plenty of that this week, but also, some levelling.

We are using the version of the addon Tourguide specially designed for refer-a-friend, so we followed instructions and hopped from Mulgore, via Orgrimmar (making sure to visit Grandfater Winter on route) and Undercity to Silvermoon City, then south to Ghostlands.  It's a bit of a journey but the quests in Ghostlands are laid out really well and the rewards are pretty good for the level bracket.

As there were two of us we also managed to do the group quests, and so ended up with a nice bit of kit, the [Staff of the Sun]. Most awesome looking low-level staff...

So after about 8.5 hours /played we were at level 20:

Back to Thunder Bluff we went to have a bit of a moan about how easy the game has become these days but not much because really, letting us have mounts at level 20 is just made of awesome.

I'm heading more or less up the balance tree so I decided my first five talent points would go to [Starlight Wrath]. I was struggling with mana and had a bit of a drinking problem so the next three went into [Moonglow], then the last two into [Nature's Majesty].

Money-making ventures are going moderately well.  We're herbing everything that grows and selling on the auction house, plus any greenies that drop, even ones that we might think of wearing.  We'll be outgrowing them pretty soon so we might as well try to get a few gold for them.  I also discovered that people are willing to pay 10g to have their guild charter signed so I've had a bit of income that way!

Until next time, enjoy the holidays ;)
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