Monday, 23 August 2010

Random, Schmandom

I hate Halls of Stone.

I wrote a guestie for Tarinae a little while ago looking at her Heroic Dungeon stats, to see how random the random dungeon finder really is. After getting Halls of Stone as my random AGAIN today, I decided to take a look at my own stats.

We found out after that guest post that apparently there was a bug a while ago where Prophet Tharon'ja kills were recorded  as three kills instead of one, so for argument's sake I've divided my DTK count by three.

For Leesah:

Twenty-seven times.  Not all bosses were killed every time. Some of them were quick, others were painfully slow. Some quiet groups, some bitching children (take today's for example, grrr). Some decent tanks, some decent dps, one starting out terrible but gradually improving healer.

Leesah dinged 80 on Valentine's Day. That was, in fact, almost exactly 27 weeks ago. I've completed Halls of Stone once a week of every week that Leesah has been level 80. For some of those weeks I was away on holidays, or didn't have time to do many dungeons. Not to mention the 7 times I have done it on Aefa, or the times I did it on my EU characters!

Now I understand why I scream every time I see that loading screen.

Do your stats stack up to randomness?  Is there one dungeon that you hate hate hate?
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