Monday, 9 August 2010

What Pushes Your Buttons?

I recently increased my ignore list by one.

The Scene:  Zone into a random on my Mage - it's Old Kingdom. Okay fine, not my favourite place but usually doesn't take long. The group is all well-geared so things should be smooth.

The bear tank takes off and carries the first mobs right up the stairs to the next group without saying a word. The rest of us dash after, barely done with buffing. I manage to accidentally pick up a group of spiders on the way up the stairs. I kite them up to where the tank is so that he can grab them with a swipe.  I die.

The priest resses me and apologises. I say, "No, my fault, picked up a couple of extras off to the side there."

The bear says, "Yeah I saw. Didn't bother taunting".

I am a little speechless at this, so I don't say anything and we continue on. Sparkle Prince goes down and then one of the other dps manages to pull an extra pack at the bottom of the tunnel thing. Bear says after two dps are dead and I'm nearly so, "Who pulled that time?" After saying something about how it was most likely the dead people, he says something to the effect of, "I just love watching nubs die, lol".

Now, call me touchy but at what point does becoming a tank license you to also become a knob? By deciding to teach "nubs" a lesson by letting them die, you are in fact putting the pressure on the healer, not the dps. I wouldn't really care less if I died after accidentally pulling, since I probably deserved it, but when the healer apologises to me for letting me die, when it was actually the tank's choice that caused it, that's just asshattery at work.

Is there a line that people cross that makes you ignore them? I know I'm picking on a tank here, but there are plenty of dps who do it for me as well.  Healers... not so many. But perhaps that's because I am doing the healing some of the time.

Sorry for the ranty post today, I don't normally do these, but this guy pushed my ignore buttons :)

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