Monday, 8 November 2010

Grand Plans for Cataclysm

Recently Alas from Kiss My Alas celebrated her first Blogaversary. She was handing out free inspirations so here's what she had for me:
Cataclysm is coming and everyone I know plans on rolling one of the new races. Will you be taking advantage of all the reasons to roll something new and if so, what will it be? Is there a class you’ve never tried before that you can’t wait to try out or will you be playing something familiar to see how it feels to level with all of the changes that have been made?
Firstly, here's an extra grats to Alas on her blogaversary!

Yes indeed, I am really looking forward to the new races! I've been trying really hard not to spoil anything for myself - I haven't even watched the videos of the new dances or anything, so I'm really excited to see it all in-game for the first time.  One month to go!

Having said that, I remember what a complete mess the Death Knight starting areas were at the Wrath release. So first thing on Cata release I will more likely be taking Leesah to explore around the new zones,or as much as I can get to without being a higher level. Either that or I'll just start leveling right away, although the idea of leveling to 85 along with the entire Nagrandian population does kind of turn me off. I remember queuing (of a sort) for named mobs in Howling Fjord, and shouting at people for not inviting anyone to a party but rushing in and tagging the mob when they did spawn.

I'm fairly sure my guildies won't be rushing to level 85 and into raiding again so there should be some leisurely time to level and enjoy the scenery.

Once the hullabaloo has died down a bit, or I can't stand to wait any longer (will probably happen first), I'll be rolling a Goblin.  This Goblin will become my banker, after I play through the Goblin starting area.

Then, I'll be rolling a Worgen, and attempting to level her up. I think I'll probably go for a Warlock - I haven't played one past level 20 before and everyone always says how much fun they are.  Then again, people are always raving about Hunters and Rogues as well, so who knows!

I am planning on eventually creating alts to see all the new starting area experiences.  Whether those alts actually make it past level 10 is anyone's guess!  I am really keen on making a Troll Druid.  I know a few people who are planning on faction changing as soon as they are able, but I love my Cow-lady too much to go changing her.

How about you?  Do you have grand plans for Cataclysm? What class are you keen to try out?
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