Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Shattering: Are You Ready?

If predictions are correct, Deathwing will be making his grand appearance tonight. (or tomorrow for you people in the past, or Wednesday for the slow Europeans ;)

The world will be forever changed. Are you ready?

I, for one, am not. I was kind of hoping the Shattering wouldn't happen until next week.  Going on holidays was awesome but means I have to cram the invasion events into just a few days. Every time I try to sit down and get some play in, something happens and I have to stop again.

In any case, here is my To Do List for the few hours I'll have tonight before the server goes down.
  1. Get the feat of strength [Tripping the Rifts] on Aefa.  Leesah defended Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff last night, but my poor mage has been very neglected recently and I think she at least deserves to take part in some elemental bashing.

  2. Finish the Twilight Cult quest chain on at least one character. I did the first phase quests but the rest are still a mystery.  I'm assuming they won't be available after the patch, so I'll try to get them done tonight.

  3. Log my Draenei pally on Argent Dawn to see what Stormwind looks like at the moment! My EU account has sadly lapsed again so there's no more playing on my 80s there, at least for now.

  4. Screenshots of Eastern Kingdoms. I've been trying to get them in while the sun was still up but night shots it will be for the rest of EK.

  5. And lastly, move my characters out of Dalaran. After the patch, the city portals will be disappearing. Choose your home now! Leesah will most likely move around with the action over the next few months, but Aefa might just hole up for a while at home in Silvermoon.
And if I get even half of that done before 9pm and the end of the world, I'll be really happy :)

What does your To Do List look like?
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