Friday, 17 December 2010

Balance Druid Gear Guide Updated

I couldn't leave out my more Balanced side so I have now updated my Moonkin gear guide to the

Balance Druid Cataclysm Pre-Raid Guide

Unlike the Resto version, I haven't given the items scores. The extra complexity in considering whether you're under or over the hit cap makes stat comparisons difficult.

Instead, I have listed available items more or less in order of item level, with priority given to items with Haste on them. This is not a BiS list - more of a shopping catalog to see what's available as you gear up.

I also marked the items with Spirit or Hit on them, to make them easier to identify. Since Spirit gives Moonkins Hit Rating with the Balance of Power talent, it means that we can almost use the same gear for both Resto and Balance spec. Convenient!

I hope you find it useful in planning for your Moonkin!
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