Thursday 2 December 2010

Be Prepared

Well, there are only five sleeps to go now until the big day!

People seem to be holding their breath waiting, while at the same time trying to cram in as much alt-play as possible before the time comes when we can dust off our mains and start leveling.

As we start to level again, there's no harm in being prepared, right? That's where pre-raid gear guides come in.

So without further ado, I'd like to present:

R&R's Resto Pre-Raid Gear List

I hope it helps you as you level up and run dungeons on your Druid to recognise the gear that will be useful to you. Remember that this time, we will need to gear up through Normal and then Heroic dungeons before we start to raid.

My list has a score for each item based on a stat weight, to help compare between options.  It is not really designed to be a best-in-slot list as I haven't done any modeling and I wasn't in the Beta, but hopefully it should give some idea of which items have more desirable stats than others. I do plan to update my Moonkin gear list as well before long.

I realise there are already several other lists out there now - Restokin and Maedred both published theirs this week, as well as this one over at the PlusHeal Forums.  I had already done the Wowhead-work for mine, so I thought I might as well put it together and post it in the spirit of having as many resources out there as possible.

I hope you find the gear list useful - please send me any feedback you may have!
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