Saturday 12 February 2011

Updates and Tweaks

Patch 4.0.6 dropped earlier this week. I'm afraid I can't tell you much about it, since I've been so busy that I've barely logged on all week, but there are plenty of Druid bloggers out there spreading the word about the changes that have been made.  You can find most of them in the enormous list to the right of the page.

The one change that I did want to mention though, was [Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect] dropping from 100 Intellect to 40. While a bit of a non-eventful change in itself apart from the sad loss of tasty Int, it has helped me to be informed (after a comment from Ferret - thanks!) that it seems that I've been undervaluing the one-handed weapons in my Resto Pre-Raid gear list.

Since we should always have the +40 Intellect enchant on our off-hand, I've added 60 to the score of each One-Handed weapon. Interestingly, this puts most of the one-handers above the staffs (staves?), although the two Archeology epic staffs are still top of the pre-raid lists.

Incidentally, if you're looking for gear from raids rather than a pre-raid gear list then I recommend you check out Red Cow Rise's post from earlier in the week.

The off-hand tweak does affect the Balance Pre-Raid Gear list as well but as I haven't scored those items, I re-ordered them instead.  They're now ordered by iLevel then with the one-handers listed before the two-handers. Keep in mind these aren't scored, but generally speaking one-hand plus off-hand will end up with better stats than a staff.

A bit of an in-game update:  I've been running heroics here and there but I've been hit by a combination of busy-ness and general tiredness (plus some random lurgy making my computer run like a slug) so I haven't been playing much at all. There have been quite a few people in my guild who have been taking breaks from the game, a few people have moved on, plus we are still trying to gear up tanks so we haven't had any raids yet. This has kind of helped to sap my motivation, and I seriously doubt now whether I will see any raids before the imminent arrival of my Sproutling.  To be perfectly honest, while I really really miss raiding, I doubt I could stay awake and focused through a whole raid just at the moment anyway so it's probably not such a terrible thing!

Anyway I hope the patch hasn't hit anyone too hard, and that you are all enjoying your game, however you play it :)
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