Saturday, 12 March 2011

Effin' It

Yesterday, I joined another guild.

My main characters are all still on Nagrand and I don't really want to move them, but the guild has taken a casual turn. I'm on during the day a bit nowadays and things are just so quiet, I thought, there's only one thing for it - I should roll on a US-timezone server and find a guild to hang out with during the day.

Now, I have been reading a bit lately about Alas' guild <Eff the Ineffable>, and despite what Alas may think I do actually think they and the others who I knew to have moved over to join them recently are awesome people. I rolled up a baby Nelf Druid on Azuremyst and asked them if they'd take a casual bum.

So now I have a day guild and a night guild! Hmm, this could get confusing.

I was given such a warm welcome over there that I am sure I'm onto a good thing! I may not ever get a chance to raid a lot with them, but they seem such a lovely bunch of people to chatter with during my daytime that I am looking forward to leveling my new little Druid over there in the next couple of weeks (Sproutling permitting, of course).

The Effers are still looking for people to join their raiding team, so if you're looking for a weekend raiding guild, do check them out!
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