Friday 4 March 2011

The Future of the Rockpool

If you've explored the new Blasted Lands you might have seen them already - the Rockpool tribe, driven out of their homes by the ruthless Bloodwash naga, forced to fight as gladiators in the pits for the enjoyment of gamblers.

It's a sad tale, unless of course, you are a murloc hater.

Angelya, like most characters, did her fair share of dying to murlocs in her early journeys, but even the hardest non-beating forsaken heart couldn't resist the pitiful cries coming from the abandoned baby murlocs.

They looked dry and thirsty so Angelya dragged the crate down to the water, fighting off the Bloodwash as they attacked.

As the crate reached the water, it started to float. The strong currents offshore quickly dragged the ropes out of Angelya's grasp and the crate drifted away from her, further out to sea. Hopefully, those little murlocs would find a better home, away from the oppression they faced on the Red Reaches.

As she watched though, Angelya was struck by a mounting horror that she had just set three tiny murloc tadpoles adrift into the open sea.  What's out there, really?  The Forbidding Sea is vast and uncharted - they could drift for weeks without ever sighting land!

I've discussed this before in a post about Geography - do the Forbidding Sea and the Veiled Sea meet up on the other side? Is there some unexplored continent in between? Interestingly, just up the coast a little there are the ghosts of shipwrecked Gilneans - considering Gilneas is on the other side of the Eastern Kingdoms continents, at the very least that indicates that the currents in these seas must be deadly, unless some magical shenanigans has taken place.

Angelya will just have to hope that the little murlocs are carried north and around to Swamp of Sorrows to join their brethren along the coast there, but not so far north that they end up dodging dragons in Twilight Highlands.

The quest is [The Future of the Rockpool] and you can pick it up at (61.1,63.7).

But now...

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