Friday, 24 June 2011

15 Days of Screenshots: Favourite Quote

This post is part of a series for Saz's Through Your Interface screenshot challenge. 

Day 6: Favorite Line of Poetry/Lyric

Most of us have a favorite poet or song. Give us an image that you think represents your favorite line, or what line inspires you most. 

We live only to discover beauty.  All else is a form of waiting.
Khalil Gibran

I don't really have a favourite song or poet per se, more a wide variety of things that inspire me at random times. I came across this quote recently and thought it summed up quite well one of the things that I most love to do - find beautiful things in everyday life.  We play a beautiful game but we also live in a beautiful world - one which we should make sure to get out and see it from time to time.

Full-size image of the Maw of the Void, Darkshore is hosted at
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