Monday, 27 June 2011

Pre-Raid Gear Lists Updated for 4.2

Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands is due to drop this week. I've updated my Restoration Pre-Raid Gear List and Moonkin Pre-Raid Gear List in preparation, as there are quite a few new items that will be available outside of raids. I've included a list of the items at the bottom of this post.

Full patch notes for 4.2 can be found on

Big thanks must go to Jasyla of Cannot Be Tamed for her post on gear in 4.2 - this made my updating job so much easier this time! Go and check out her post to see the new raid loot available in the Firelands.

Valor and Justice Points
Our existing Valor Points will be converted to Justice Points and as such the items that were purchasable with Valor Points will now be purchased using Justice Points instead. Normal versions of the pre-4.2 raids will only reward Justice Points. (Source: MMO-Champion).

Firelands Dailies
The new daily quest hub will be opening in Mount Hyjal. The way I understand it, the new quests will unlock in phases, similar to the way each set of dailies was unlocked for the Argent Tournament. Each daily quest rewards a number of [Mark of the World Tree], and these are turned in to unlock the next set of dailies and the rewards of each of three vendor NPCs (Source: MMO-Champion).

New Pre-Raid Leather Intellect Gear
Firemind Pendant - Valor Points

Smolderskull Bindings - Valor Points

Heavenly Gloves of the Moon - Leatherworking

Fireplume Girdle - Firelands Dailies

Ethereal Footfalls - Leatherworking

Soothing Brimstone Circle - Valor Points
Spirit Fragment Band - Firelands Dailies

Globe of Moonlight - Firelands Dailies

Singed Plume of Aviana - Valor Points
Soulflame Vial - Valor Points
Relic of Elune's Light - Firelands Dailies
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