Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Restoration Gear List Updated for 4.3

The R&R Restoration Pre-Raid Gear List has been updated!

*Edit* The Balance Pre-Raid Gear List has also now been updated!

It now includes items that will be added to the game in patch 4.3 from Valor Points, Leatherworking and the three new 5-man Heroic dungeons.

The new raid, Dragon Soul, will have three difficulty levels - Heroic, Normal and Looking For Raid (LFR). The LFR items will have item levels 384 - 390 and will include Tier 13 gear. This post at MMO-Champion has a full list of Dragon Soul gear of all difficulties.

I decided to include the drops from Looking For Raid difficulty Dragon Soul in the gear list, as the LFR tool should make these items accessible to alts or non-regular raiders if you're willing to use it.

WTS Heals has a great post discussing many of the new items including trinkets.

Wowhead has an extensive list of all the gear from the new 5-man dungeons - End Time, Well of Eternity and Hour of Twilight.

Please remember that these items are still on the PTR and stats may change before the patch is released. I'll try to make sure they are up to date once the patch is live. I'm still working on the Balance version but it will be updated soon.

The items added to the gear list include:

Valor Points items (Horde/Alliance)


New 5-man Dungeons

End Time:

Well of Eternity:

Hour of Twilight:

Looking For Raid Dragon Soul

Tier 13 tokens (LFR):

Other drops:
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