Wednesday 21 March 2012

A Story for the Sproutling

This story was inspired by Big Bear Butt's writing challenge. Check his post for all the other offerings!


The calf gurgled and cooed as Leesah wiped the remnants of the juicy berries from around his mouth. She picked him up as she stood, kissed him on the top of his furry head and put him down on the packed earth floor of the house, smiling as he ran outside.

She walked over to the door and leaned against the wooden frame, shielding her eyes from the low sun casting its light across the Mulgore plain. A few children of the village were running around after a dog, trying to pull its tail.

Not for the first time, Leesah wished that her mate Melof could have been here to see how much their son had grown. It was already his first birthday and he was getting so tall - he would surely grow into a strong bull like his father had been. Leesah felt grief building up in her throat again. She glanced at one wall of the house where Melof's polearm hung, several charms hanging from the slender shaft, light winking on the keen blade.

She hadn't been up to Thunder Bluff in a while, but she had heard the rumours - Deathwing lay slain, the Twilight Cult scattered. She swallowed back tears and stood straighter, comforted that her mate's death at the assault on the Bastion had not been in vain, and had been avenged.

There was no use in dwelling on the past, though. Soon, she would have to leave the peace of Bloodhoof Village and rejoin her fellow Druids abroad. She could feel the urge to travel in her bones, the nature magic stirring, ready to heal and nurture the regenerating forests of Hyjal. She would have to leave her calf behind for a little while, but he would be in safe hands with the elders of the village.

As the sun dipped below the line of mountains to the west, one of the Elder bulls came around lighting the torches of the village. She nodded a greeting to him as she walked out across the grass. She called, "Come, little one!"

The calf ran over to her, reaching upwards and saying, "Num num num?"

Leesah laughed as she swung him up over her head and down again. "No, silly, you already had num nums. It's time for a bath and sleepy time." She carried him back inside their home and out to the hidden alcove that served as a bathroom.

Outside, stars began to appear in the evening sky and cast their silver light over the plains.


Yes, it's my Sproutling's first birthday today. It seems like such a long time ago that he was born, but at the same time it feels like just the other day! He's not quite at the running stage, but Tauren calves learn to walk a lot faster than human ones. He does ask me for num nums quite a lot, though.

Like Leesah, I've gone back to work and left Sproutling with the "elders". He's surrounded by an adoring fan club every day so I don't feel too bad about leaving him.

Don't worry, Mr Ang is still here... but he stopped playing Wow just before Sproutling was born so it fit well with the story for his Tauren to have died. I'm sure he won't mind me taking the liberty :)
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