Balance Druid Cataclysm Pre-Raid Gear List

Welcome to the Cataclysm Pre-Raid Gear List for Moonkins!

This list is now out-of-date! If you're looking for Mists of Pandaria gear, please go to the MoP Balance Pre-Raid Gear List instead!

This list is intended to inform Balance Druids on what leather caster gear is available from quests, factions, BoE items, crafted items, Justice and Valor points and both normal and heroic Dungeons.

As we approach level 85, we need to collect the quest gear and other items that we need to help us prepare for heroic dungeons and raiding. This guide is designed to help that preparation.

I recommend using an in-game comparison addon like RatingBuster to help you make quick decisions on upgrades as you level, as well as using gear lists such as this one to plan your gear upgrades.

Unlike the Resto Pre-Raid list, I have not assigned scores to items in this list. Because Moonkin get Hit Rating from Spirit as well as from Hit, we now use Spirit gear to reach the Hit Rating cap of 446 (+17% chance). Aim to reach this cap first, reforging to Spirit if necessary. Spirit is always preferable to Hit Rating, as it also gives us mana regeneration.

How do I check my chance to hit? Open your Character pane and find the Hit Chance value under Spell.  You may need to click the arrow in the bottom right corner to bring up the detail.  When you mouse over the Hit Chance value, it tells you your miss chance on each level of mob around your current level. For raiding, we are looking for a +17% Hit Chance, and a 0% miss chance on all shown levels.

Once the Hit cap is reached, the next stat of choice is Haste. For this reason, I have ordered the items for each slot by ItemLevel, then with preference to Haste items. I have marked items with Spirit or Hit with an asterisk * so that if you need extra hit they can be identified easily.

You can find more information on stats and gems on the Balance Cheat Sheet.

Valor Points are available from daily random heroics and raids. Unlike previous tiers, Tier 13 Deep Earth sets will not be available with Valor Points but will be purchased with tokens which will drop in the Dragon Soul raid.

The new raid, Dragon Soul, has three difficulty levels - Heroic, Normal and Looking For Raid (LFR). The LFR items will have item levels 384 - 390 and will include Tier 13 gear. This post at MMO-Champion has a full list of Dragon Soul gear from all difficulties.

All item data was compiled from WowHead.

Update for patch 4.1 (May 2011): Added items from the new Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman 5-man heroics. Please note you need an iLevel of 346 to do these dungeons.

Update for patch 4.2 (June 2011): Added items from the new Firelands Dailies (more info at MMO-Champion), new Leatherworking items and new Valor Points items. Tier 11 items and pre-4.2 Valor points items changed to Justice points.

Update for patch 4.3 (November 2011): Added new Valor Point items and changed 4.2 items to Justice points. Also added Dragon Soul Looking-for-Raid items (item level 384/390) and new 5-man items.

Update 25/07/2012: Added Tier 12 hands. Wow, there have not been new items in all that time?















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