Monday, 22 August 2011

Get the Look: Part 2 - Other Leather Sets

The promised Transmogrification process in patch 4.3 has everyone excited about the prospect of being able to change the way their gear looks. I've put together a few posts exploring some possibilities with old-school leather gear sets.

1. The twelve Druid tier sets and their recoloured look-alike sets.
2. Other leather dungeon and raid sets.
3. PvP sets.
4. Crafted by Leatherworkers.
5. Uncommon (green) sets.

Since we're allowed going to be allowed to transmogrify to any leather gear (that's the current plan, anyway), in this post I'm going to list recolourings of Rogue tier and dungeon sets, plus a few other leather sets that are available.

These recoloured sets, as well as for many for other classes, are listed on the Set look alikes page on Wowpedia.

Oh and there's so much more... stay tuned!

Wildheart and Feralheart Raiments

The Druid dungeon 1 and 2 sets are no longer available in-game, but this recoloured set is available from Burning Crusade dungeons.

Moonglade Raiment

Dungeon 3 set for caster Druids.

Wastewalker Armor

Dungeon set 3 for Feral Druids and Rogues.

Shadowcraft Armor

A re-colouration of the Rogue dungeon 1 set.

Nightslayer Armor

Rogue Tier 1 look-alike set.

Bloodfang Armor

Rogue Tier 2 look-alike sets.

Blue set:

Maroon set:

Embrace of the Viper

All pieces drop in Wailing Caverns.

Cadaverous Garb

All pieces drop in Scholomance from either Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Lord Alexei Barov, Lady Illucia Barov, Instructor Malicia or The Ravenian.

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