Tuesday 30 August 2011

Get the Look: Part 4 - Leatherworking

The promised Transmogrification process in patch 4.3 has everyone excited about the prospect of being able to change the way their gear looks. I've put together a few posts exploring some possibilities of old-school leather sets.

1. The twelve Druid tier sets and their recoloured look-alike sets.
2. Other leather dungeon and raid sets.
3. PvP sets.
4. Crafted by leatherworkers.
5. Uncommon (green) sets.

I've listed a few of the leatherworker-crafted sets, but also for each slot I've picked out a few of what, in my opinion, are the nice- or interesting-looking pieces. Almost all crafted pieces are Bind on Equip so you can pick them up from the auction house or have someone craft them for you.


Dark Leather
Wild Leather 
Big Voodoo
Runic Leather 
Darkbrand Set

Enchanted Clefthoof Set

Heavy Clefthoof Set

Note: Primalstrike Belt doesn't match the Vest and Bracers.

Random Bits and Pieces


From left to right:
Most of the nicer-looking shoulders are part of a set, but the Trollwoven Spaulders are a nice stand-alone piece, if you like a tusky look.

Left to right:

Most of the LW gloves are quite unremarkable, except for these Firelands sets.

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