Thursday, 25 August 2011

Get the Look: Part 3 - PvP Sets

The promised Transmogrification process in patch 4.3 has everyone excited about the prospect of being able to change the way their gear looks. I've put together a few posts exploring some possibilities of old-school leather sets.

1. The twelve Druid tier sets and their recoloured look-alike sets.
2. Other leather dungeon and raid sets.
3. PvP sets.
4. Crafted by Leatherworkers.
5. Uncommon (green) sets.

This instalment of the Get the Look series covers PvP sets currently available from vendors with either gold or Honor Points. I haven't included crafted PvP gear (yet), or that requiring Conquest Points. I also haven't included the many weapons that are available for Honor Points simply because there are so many of them. Some of them look quite awesome so I suggest heading to your weapons vendor and trying them on for size.

The non-Outland gear is available from vendors in Orgrimmar's Hall of Legends, or in Stormwind's Champion's Hall.

The level 60 sets are different for Horde and Alliance, but the other sets are the same to both factions.

Horde Level 60 rare: Champion's Refuge

Horde Level 60 epic: Warlord's Sanctuary

Alliance Level 60 epic: Field Marshal's Sanctuary

Level 70 rare: Kodohide Battlegear (Horde and Alliance)

The Kodohide set looks the same as the Dragonhide and Wyrmhide Battlegear sets. All are available for gold from Outland quartermasters once you have Honored reputation.

Level 70 epic: Brutal Gladiator's Refuge

Level 85: Season 10 set - Vicious Gladiator's Refuge (item level 371)

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