Friday, 7 May 2010

Childrens Week: Squee Overwhelming

Childrens Week is on until Sunday. It's one of my favourite holidays in the game.

I missed it last year while traveling but I had done the orphan quests the previous year before the time of meta-achievements, and this year I was really looking forward to seeing the cute little orphans again and getting the completely adorable pets.

Then I found out that they had added a PvP component to the meta-achievement. Okay, I thought, I'm pretty bad at PvP but I managed to do the PvP parts of the other holidays so far without too much pain. Then I looked at the list of tasks that you had to do in the different BGs, with an orphan by your side.  You might as well paint a big arrow over your head with "KILL ME PLS" written on it.

At the start of the week I had been willing to try to give it a go, especially after reading Cynwise's post about it, but between work, keeping two kittens from destroying my house, raids and other random RL happenings, I am as busy as a bee who's Queen has just given birth to three hives worth of lil baby bees, and the bee-keeper keeps nicking all the honey no matter how much you buzz around his face.  My spare play time after raids has been used for relaxing, a few randoms, even a bit of exploring. I haven't felt for one moment like getting my crappy ghetto PvP gear on and going into a battleground.

Last night, Leesah went around and showed three cute little orphaned children of the Horde a fun time.  She didn't set a Bad Example for any of them (but did share an icecream) or make them do any Chores, and ended up with a Curious Oracle Hatchling, Egbert, and Mr. Wiggles. The whole thing was a complete squee-fest, and if I get any time tonight I might just get Aefa to entertain some orphans as well.

I love festivals, I really do, but I guess my Long, Strange Trip will just take a little longer.

Did you finish the School of Hard Knocks or did it knock you for six?

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