Saturday, 15 May 2010

Reader Roundup - May 15

It's been quite an eventful couple of weeks around the place, what with the start of the Cataclysm Alpha, the subsequent leaking of information and the start of the PTR for 3.3.5. Is it just me or have we not had 3.3.4 yet? Anyway don't forget to log into and opt in for the Beta if you're so inclined.

Just a note:  I will not be posting any information about the Alpha or the Beta when it begins.  I am trying to stay away from the new zone stuff until as late as possible.  I'll still be keeping up with the proposed class changes, but I'll try to make sure I mark any potential spoilers clearly if I decide to post about them. 

Right, now on to the link love.
  • Firstly a moonkin link.  Graylo has written an article about why Nature's Reach is an important part of our Balance spec and the benefits it brings in current raids.
  • Just what is BRK up to?  Bellwether mentioned it first, but between the original site change and his stories on his personal blog, it seems that BRK of legend has been invited to the Cataclysm Alpha. Could he be making a return to WoW?
  • In other news, Zelmaru and Arcane Tinker Tank have revealed the new dungeons and battlegrounds we will find in Cataclysm (no spoilers, honest).  I dunno about you, but I'm looking forward to hitting up a heroic STFU after a raid is over...
  • The gals at Hots & Dots have listed all the 52 raid bosses of Wrath in their perceived order of difficulty.  Gotta kill them all!
  • Mary Varn of NPC Comic started off a bit of a discussion about whether its harder to be a girl gamer or a guy gamer with this week's comic.  Check it out and give your opinion on the poll.
  • Gazimoff of Mana Obscura and his mate Stu have put together their first episode of a new podcast, Obscurecast, in which they chat about WoW stuff.  Check it out, it's a great listen, although a few Cataclysm spoilers may lurk within.
  • Alas is up to Chapter 10 of WoW & P & P in all it's awesomeness.  If you missed a chapter or two you can find all of them under the Pride & Prejudice tag.
  • Kae's brilliant Lich King comic is now complete! Check it out if you need help with LK-10 or not!
  • And finally, Wulfy from Barrens Chat has written about an epic journey, of how he ran, naked, through Stormwind to the Keep, and punched the King in the face.  Completely.  Awesome.
Have a great weekend everyone :)
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