Monday, 31 May 2010

Progress Post for May

Time to catch up with what's been going on. Things have been so busy around here that I need to catch up with things myself!  Every now and then you just need to take stock and reprioritise, amiright?

Leesah is my main raider, and although her original main spec was healer, my guild seems to be blessed with too many of them, so I've been going to ICC-10 raids as Moonkin. The only times I've been able to heal are random heroics and the odd 25-man ICC pug I've been to. 

 For this reason, and also due to some amazing loot-luck, Leesah's Moonkin gear is now substatially better than her Tree gear. This makes me slightly sad - I enjoy Moonkin, but deeps is what I have Aefa for, y'know? Leesah's a healer, and she misses healing. We just seem to have a lot of people with heal spec only. I'm not really whining to anyone I guess - at least I am getting to go to raids and I'm still enjoying them no matter what role I have.

Our raid progress is slowly... progressing. Because of our mixed timezones and busy members, we only get to raid for about 4-5 hours a week, and that's not a lot of time for progression.  We've recently got Blood Princes down for a second time and had a good few goes on Dreamwalker, but unless we get most of the core team in we rarely see past Saurfang on the first night. I know this frustrates a few of the other members as well but it's tough pre-xpac times and we have to take what we can get. 

Our officers have actually just announced a progression break for a couple of weeks so we can take a few non-core toons in to gear up a bit, to fill roles that we miss from week to week (tanks, mainly).


Aefa is sitting at that difficult teenage level between getting all the Triumph gear she needs and being just under five thousand gearscore so no-one will take her to ICC pugs.  I've been trying to get into HoR and PoS to get those elusive drops, but no luck so far. I also tried to find a TotC run this weekend but no-one seemed to be doing any, and I don't know the place well enough to organise one myself. 

Aefa did manage to go to a VoA25 last week and ended up with the Sanctified legs (before Leesah had any Sanctified pieces, /facepalm), so that was a nice addition. The guild raiding progression break means that I might be able to take her along to guild runs though, so that will be a nice frost badge haul even if no gear drops.

Aefa's recently taken up studies into Arcane magic, although she doesn't like it as much as the Frost school - she may switch back again soon. The big numbers frighten her and she seems to die a lot more than before.  All the study means that she hasn't done much exploring lately, as much as she'd like to be out in the fresh air. In her spare time she has been helping the Netherwing dragons out a bit, which is why she's in Shadowmoon Valley in this shot.

Balindah is just about to ding 50.  For me, as soon as a character hits Outlands I suddenly play them a lot more and they are more likely to reach level 80, so I'm pushing on with Balindah and hoping she can last the distance with her spikey heirloom shoulders. 

Hopefully soon she'll stop getting Sunken Temple as a random as well! I am enjoying trying out the melee side of things - it's been a while since I've played a melee character. I'm always shocked by just how little you can tell of what's going on when you have a face full of mobs, and targetting seems to be really tricky, but there's some things to work on!

She's finished up the quests in Ferelas and has since traveled to the Hinterlands, one of my favourites.
I've retrenched Angelya from her banker duties and put her to work in Tirisfal. Armed to the teeth with priestly heirlooms, she'll hopefully blaze a trail of shadowy destruction across Azeroth.  

Either that or she'll just continue slacking in Undercity.

Allow me to introduce my new banker, Aixa. She lives in Orgrimmar and is on hiatus from her career as a rogue, while she makes the team a few pennies.

If you're wondering about her outfit, she's wearing the Formal White Shirt, Haliscan Pantaloons, Soft Wool Vest (from troll/orc starting area quests) and Simple Linen Boots. I need to get a new belt for her actually. Any suggestions? :)

I also recently created a Death Knigget, because I rather enjoy hitting things with a big sword from time to time. It's excellent stress relief, I find.

Gladiys has barely made it to Hellfire Peninsula, where if I'm not careful she'll get more screen time than Balindah. Perhaps I will get a tank to level 80 one of these days after all...

Sadly I've been neglecting my SAN toons. No excuses, I just haven't remembered they're there, so I haven't played them. One of these days I'll get to them... Perhaps when the event for Gnomeregan starts.

So here's a question for you, readers. 
Have you become more of an altaholic now that End Times are upon us? I know I certainly have!
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