Monday, 17 May 2010

Guilt with Dragons

I feel guilty.

I was saving up my coppers so that Leesah could learn her swift birdy form... and then I went and spent the money on Aefa instead. 

Why would I go and spend five thousand gold on my alt instead of my main?

Well the thing is, I love Leesah's birdy form.  I have a Bronze Drake sitting in her bank that she will learn eventually, but will never use, because bird form is so awesome. The swift bird form is even more awesome, or will be when she eventually gets it.

I had been considering spending the money on Aefa for a little while, since she also had a Bronze Drake sitting in her bank, but felt kind of like I was cheating on Leesah even considering it. 

The final decision-making straw fell one day when she went along to Oculus...

and ended up with a blue one.

I went and dropped that 5kG like a Wag who's got wind of a Sale at Jimmy Choo.

Since she how has the skill do to it, just last night Aefa pulled some mats together and sewed up one of these babies, with Frozen Orbs hanging off the corners and all!

Don't you think with that little pillow at the end, they should totally change the /sleep animation to roll your carpet out before you lie down?

So although my poor druid is still flip-flapping her way around slowly, Aefa the (im)Patient already has herself a flock of flyers to choose from, and has started a secret mission to help the poor maltreated Netherwing Drakes out at Shadowmoon Valley...

Have you ever felt guilty about buying something or working on a special achievement for your alt?
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