Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dragon Up!

So after all that whining yesterday about not getting to heal and not getting enough time for progression:

  • We got Dreamwalker and
  • I healed.
Sometimes I should really just shut my mouth, honestly.

Grats Disciples :)

Edit:  Just a quick edit since a lot of people are finding this page through searching and I thought I'd better at least try to be helpful.  

We did this fight with three healers - a paladin and a shaman going into the portals and I healed the rest of the raid on the outside.  We focus-fired the Blazing Skeletons when they appeared, and generally tried to keep the other adds under control. I was really out of mana right at the end but I tried to keep at least a Rejuvenation rolling on the dragon whenever I could spare a GCD.  Fun fight :)
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