Wednesday 23 June 2010

Important Advice for Raiders

So, poking around this place it appears to me that Angelya appears to be one of those bloggers who actually attempt to post useful, informative stuff for people. Even for raiders.

Hmmm. I suppose I should try and do the same, shouldn't I? People might not notice that I'm in here and therefore not call the BlogAzeroth cops to get me thrown out.

OK. Raiders.


Well, the most important lesson I've learnt in all my years of raiding, is this:

Tactical briefings are everything. Knowledge is at the very heart of execution. Without knowledge, execution cannot occur. Knowledge is, if you like, the path of the raider, the narrow path of fact and understanding that leads to success and the dropping of teh phat lewts.

It if, of course, the raid leader's job to impart said knowledge, which they should have gained through a combination of experience and research. And, it's important that they set it up early - right at the start of the raid, for example - even if that's just a general tactical briefing that will aid progress and, again, knowledge, for later in the run.

For example, here, in full, is our tactical briefing before we head into Icecrown Citadel:

Learn from our wisdom, padawans.

(Another guest posting from Leafshine)
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