Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Six Months Down

So, Revive & Rejuvenate has been around for six months now, and I have to say that I've enjoyed every bit of it. I wasn't sure if I'd keep writing after I started, but I'm enjoying myself so much that I can't stop now!

I started writing after I started playing again, in December 2009, with my baby druid, Leesah. I blogged as I leveled with my husband using refer-a-friend and reached level 80 on Valentine's Day, February 14.

I joined Disciples of Sneer in early March, once I thought I was geared enough to start raiding, and haven't looked back since :) Sure, I could be a Kingslayer if I'd gone a more hardcore route, but I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the raiding nearly as much as I have been.

Some of my favourite posts to write include one about raiding as a performance, the Ode to my Kodo, and my valentine to Tamarind. The Noblegarden Egg Hunt was a huge highlight around easter-time, and I really enjoyed putting together some tips for taking screenshots.

I've written a few stories, posted up some screenshots and talked about addons, and the whole thing has been a very enjoyable journey!

The best part though, has been meeting so many people - bloggers I've read for a long time, new bloggers, non-bloggers, commenters and twitterers alike, thank you all for making me feel so welcome to the blogging community!

I'd especially like to thank my fellow druid bloggers, for giving me most of my readers.  You guys rock :)  Also all of the community at Blog Azeroth who helped me so much as I was starting out. I'm currently sitting at around 200 subscribers, which is more than I ever thought I would end up with, and that makes me a happy Ang.

Also a special mention must go to my very patient and lovely husband, who probably hasn't given me nearly as much teasing about pretending to be a blogger as I deserve <3

My most read posts are my Resto and Balance cheat sheets, and the Resto and Balance fresh 80 gear lists.  I also get a lot of people finding my posts on Power Auras, for Balance and Healing - I hope people have found these guides useful.

Please, if you have any suggestions on ways I can improve the site, or things you'd like me to write more about, don't hesitate to comment or email or twitter me!

It's been a fantastic ride so far! Thanks again for the warm welcome to the community, and I hope you enjoy the next six months almost as much as I will ;)

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