Thursday, 17 June 2010

Burnout: An Update

On Tuesday I wrote about our guild's progression break, where we spent the last two weeks bringing alts and teaching non-regular raiders the ropes in ICC-10. And er, now my guildies have discovered the blog, so hi guys, make yourselves at home :)

This Wednesday, we were back to the progression group, and blew through the first quarter and Festergut in about an hour and a half. After a bit more officer discussion (did I mention I got promoted? Well I did.  I know, I was surprised too!), it seems we are now thinking of locking the raid ID from week to week, possibly interspersing a progression week with an alt/gear-up week. Hopefully this will satisfy both the raiders who want to see some new bosses, and the casual side of the guild who wants a look into ICC without having to pug.

I'm excited, because hopefully this means we'll get to see the big nasties soon!

Unfortunately, just as we are about to have a night of real progression, I'm going away for a week's work trip so no raiding for me. You might not hear from me, but there may just be a guest post or two lurking around the place...
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