Friday, 18 June 2010

Out of Office

You might notice things are a bit different around here today. That's because I'm coming up on my six-month blogaversary, so I thought I'd celebrate with a bit of a makeover! Please do tell me what you think of the changes.

I'm heading off overseas tomorrow for a week. I'm very lucky to work for a multi-national company who sends me on these trips, but at the same time I'm unlucky because over the last few years I have developed an irrational fear of flying. This is a shame, because I love everything that involves flying apart from actually doing it. Flying in WoW had me in fits of pure joy when I first reached level 70 and trained it. I adore movies where people fly, especially recently the 3D ones like Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon, but the actual act scares the bejeezus out of me.

In any case, I'll be gone for a week. I'm looking for people to help my blog look less abandoned, though... especially guest screenshots to join my gallery! I'd be ever so grateful if you'd email me a screenshots to put up during the week.

See you next Sunday!
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