Saturday, 26 June 2010

Well Played

Greetings!  Anea here, your friendly neighborhood altoholic!  Just checking in to make sure things aren't falling to pieces over here, since Ang is off doing who knows what involving who knows how many maps!  For today, I give you something to ponder:

What does "well played" mean to you?

Could it simply mean that you play your class/role well?  That's probably what most people think of first, when they hear that.  "Good job, well played!"  Perhaps that's more sporty, I don't know...

However, for some reason, the phrasing and idea didn't click together until just last night that it can mean many different things to different people.  Things that maybe we don't even think should "count" because they aren't high on our priority lists.  I'm sure we all would hate to think of a time when Warcraft will have run it's course and when we look back at our main(s), will we think that they've had a good run, did all that they (we) wanted to?

Because bulleted lists are fun, why don't we run through some of the possibilities:

I could just go on and on... the possibilities are endless and really depend on you and how you prefer to play.  Of course, for those of you that read me have heard me go on and on about how I want to be Loremaster.  Yes, I have raided a bit (both in BC and Wrath) and I have a good handful of reps at exalted.  I've dipped my toe in all the pools that Azeroth has to offer, but I feel like if I had a character that had completed the Loremaster achievement, that she would have been played as well and as fully as possible.

What is your definition of "well played"?  Does it very from character to character?  Or, like me, do you have one main goal to reach, or even one that I haven't listed?
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