Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Today on Twitter

Twitter provides so much entertainment for me on a daily basis. It also seems that the people who aren't on Twitter are almost as famous in the Twitterverse as those who are.

Today's example:  Alas wrote this post about her new Dinosaur pet.

Tamarind followed up with one of his own.

But today, Alas wrote about the trials of having a Dinosaur called Tam as a pet (go read it, it's seriously lol-worthy). Anea re-tweeted the post link on Twitter. The conversation proceeded thusly:

Not long afterwards:

Who is this mysterious DinoTam?  Does he really wear a dinner jacket and speak with an English accent?!!

If it really is Tam, welcome to Twitter :D  Otherwise, see what you're missing out on?!?!

Thanks Alas, Anea, and Theanorak for making me giggle this morning :D And DinoTam, of course.
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