Monday, 26 July 2010

On Dragons

Last night my guild had our first look at Ruby Sanctum 10-man. What a pretty place! It'll be nicer to spend hours in than the Obsidian Sanctum, anyway.

We got through the trash and minibosses with no problems after studying all the strats, but as we were discussing the main event, I got a bit annoyed about people who kept referring to Halion as "she".

Now, call me crazy, but there are definitely male dragons, aren't there?

When I mentioned this on Twitter today, Qieth said "The rule is No wang, not a man... Halion is a lesbian, clearly, and a very manly one."

While Halion is quite a girly pink, he does speak (well, shouts mostly) like a man, and the quest to defeat him, [The Twilight Destroyer], asks you to destroy him.

Now, on the wang thing - I would consider dragons to be pretty close to crocodiles in terms of anatomy. Crocodile wangs are inverted or retracted inside their bodies, and are only visible when they're, er... excited. So how do you know Halion doesn't have one?  Unless you have been poking about in his nether regions, you wouldn't!  No wonder dragons have that tail swipe.

And what about Malygos?  He was a bloke, he definitely sounded like one, and he had Saragosa and then Keristraza as his consorts, both lady dragons.

Back me up here, people.  Halion's a man, isn't he? Or are "he" and Malygos lesbian dragons?
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