Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sindragosa's Lair

It's time for a story.  This one is about my guild's efforts in ICC this week!  I hope you enjoy it.


Leesah winced as she splashed the icy water on her face and rubbed vigorously. The group had a brief respite at Light's Hammer before the next attempt at the Spire of Icecrown Citadel.

The assault had had a few days of successes recently. Leesah hadn't been with the company who had taken the Blood Queen down and saved the green dragon, Dreamwalker, but she had made sure she had been front in line when it was time to assault that rotten Professor's lair again.

She was idly wondering how she was going to get the green gunk out of her hair, when the call came up to be armed and ready to move. "Here we go again," she muttered to herself as she quickly gathered her dagger and trinkets and joined her company near the teleporter as they went about renewing their blessings and spells on each other.

They teleported up to the Upper Spire and gathered together, shivering in the cold wind that constantly whipped around the frozen core of the Citadel. Their captain explained that an opening had been found beyond the room Dreamwalker had been in, and they had been ordered to check it out to see if there was a way up to the Frozen Throne from there.

As a group, they ran around the edge of the long drop in the centre of the Citadel and up the hallway towards Dreamwalker's room. On the far side, there was indeed another hallway and an elevator leading down to yet another hallway ending in a round room with a barred door on the opposite side. The group cautiously moved forward, until someone said, "Ugh, spiderwebs".

Leesah looked around at the walls. There were cobwebs reaching almost from the floor, all the way up into the shadows at the ceiling. Something was moving up there. She suppressed a shudder and moved closer to the group, drawing the nature magic to her to help her transform into her Moonkin form. She shook out her feathers and felt a little more calm, but not for long.

Someone yelped in terror as suddenly, a large spider descended from the ceiling on a long tendril of thick silk. Leesah glanced around the room in fright as other creatures started scuttling out of dark corners.

"Stick together!" the captain yelled as the group started to fire spells or swing their weapons at whatever was in reach. Leesah pulled herself together and called down the power of the stars, then summoned a hurricane in the room, thunderclaps rolling off the walls. Spells flashed around the room and still spiders of all sizes came, hurling themselves into the fray.

Someone shouted, "The door's open!", just as a large group of Vrykul warriors came running in to join the defense. Leesah renewed her summoned Hurricane and gradually the Vrykul and spiders fell, and the group were through the door, finding themselves on the outside of the Citadel, facing two enormous frostwyrms.

A freezing wind whipped up from the frozen mountains and chilled Leesah to her bones, as the weary company rested for a moment for a bite of strudel.

"Alright, I'm going to see if I can get the attention of just one of them," said the captain, hefting her mace and moving forward slowly. "Stay back!"

She tossed a spell at one of the dragons and it roared in anger, charging towards the captain and the group. Leesah held her breath until it was clear that the other dragon hadn't noticed, then gathered in her nature energy and started hurling spells at the frostwyrm attacking the group.

Just as it seemed they were getting the upper hand, the dragon reared back and let out an enormous bellowing roar. The group scattered in blind panic, and the other frostwyrm turned at the sound, roared in response and rushed to join the battle.

Leesah could feel her energy fading as she frantically threw spell after spell at the dragons, dodging out of the way of their tails and flailing wings, but she drew on ever power she could muster and soon, with a great scream, each of the dragons fell.

The company stood by the corpses of the frostwyrms, panting.

Above them, there came a mighty screech and the sound of air being forced aside by massive wings.

The captain shouted "It's the Queen! Fall back to the stairs!"

Leesah's eyes widened in awe and terror as Sindragosa descended to the platform in front of them. The gigantic frostwyrm had seen them, and screamed in a crazed voice, "You are fools to have come to this place! The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls!"


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