Thursday, 29 July 2010

Progress Post: Explorer

Time for an update.

Leesah, my Druid and my main, has been getting more chances to raid lately. We have been splitting our two raiding nights between pushing to use extended IDs to get some progression done, and running the "second" team (mostly made up of alts) in order to get a few more people geared up in case we need them for the main team, and to let more people have a go in guild runs.

With the 30% buff in place we took down Putricide for the first time, and the previous week to that got our first BQL kill as well so we're 10/12 with one solid night put in on Sindragosa.  Personally, I think we should just keep one raid ID locked to Sindy until we get her down, but being a casual guild means that the second gear-up run must get a go.  It's mildly frustrating but.. that's the way it works. Most people in the team are determined to get LK down before Cataclysm, but they are also committed to not leaving anyone who wants to raid out of the action. Unfortunately I'm not sure we're going to be able to have it both ways.

Aefa, my Mage and "main alt" has been benefiting from the extra badges gained through the alt runs in ICC, and has also been going along to some 25-man pugs. She has dreadful loot-luck, but is still having great fun pew-pewing as frost.

In her spare time, she has been exploring the nooks and crannies of Azeroth. I had done some of the exploring while doing the Flame Keeper run during the Midsummer Fire Festival, so it was just a matter of running around and clearing up the remaining zones. She enjoyed seeing the sights of the world and now has an amazing holiday snap collection - expect to see some of that soon!  But for now, she's back to the front lines in Northrend.

Balindah, my Shaman, is almost seasoned enough to be heading to Northrend herself. She has been delayed in Outland the last week or so trying to get her Mining and Jewelcrafting skills up to a respectable level before presenting herself to the Masters in Borean Tundra.

I'm finding that Enhancement is awesome for questing, but ye gods, melee is hard work in instances isn't it! At some stage I'll buy her a second spec and try her hand at healing.

In real life, I've been busy and unwell at the same time, so the blogging has suffered - I'm sorry about that.  There's just not that much to talk about except for the Cataclysm Beta, which I'm not involved in, and Starcraft 2 which I probably won't get because I'm rubbish at rts games!
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