Friday, 14 January 2011


You may have noticed things are a little quieter around here than usual. That's not just from the floods or because we lost power for a few days either.

There will be a bit of a lull in my Druid-related posting for a little while. I haven't been actually playing Wow all that much - I've been logging in, but pottering around doing Archeology and random other stuff, rather than actively gearing up or pushing my guildies to do so.

It's a little burn out, and some stress. I only have six weeks of work left now before I go on maternity leave, so things are pretty hectic there. Add to that natural disasters plus the drama of getting everything ready for a baby and you have one rather stressed Tauren. So, I'm cutting back with the Druidy posting to encourage myself to calm down and get on with things.  Do please forgive me.

I'll still be around, but it might just be wallpaper posts for a little while ;)

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