Sunday, 23 January 2011

Reminder: Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival begins today!

This festival is a favourite of Druids of all types as the centre of festivities is Moonglade, but there will be Elders all over the world in towns and cities for you to honour.

You can find more information about the achievements associated with the festival at Wowhead.

Getting around to the Elders
NOTE:  Visiting the Elders is now purely an activity for achievement chasers or costume collectors.  In previous years, the Elders awarded experience or money for max level toons - now sadly, those rewards have been removed.

But there are still plenty of achievements to complete and if your toon is high enough, you can also earn the title of ElderLast year there was an Elder in Heroic Gundrak so level 80 was required to complete all the achievements.

Due to the changes to Horde and Alliance towns all over Azeroth, there are likely to be some changes to the locations and optimal routes for visiting Elders. Keep an eye on the Wowhead guide and on Wowpedia for the updated information.

Just remember, while you're out and about visiting the Elders - be respectful.
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