Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lunar Festival: New locations in Kalimdor

Due to the Cataclysm, some of the Elders' locations have changed.

I took Aefa for a run around Kalimdor tonight, and I must say things are made much easier by the ability to fly from place to place rather than taking taxis and riding.

I used the Horde guide on Wow-Pro as a basic guide. All Kalimdor locations are still correct, apart from the following:

  • Orgrimmar - no longer in the Valley of Wisdom, but up near the zeppelin towers.
  • Darkshore - the Elder from Auberdine has moved north to Lor'danel, coords 50,19.
  • Barrens - the Elder from Camp Taurajo has moved slightly north to Vendetta Point.
  • Thousand Needles - the Elder at the Mirage Speedway is now on the Speedbarge, at 77,75

I haven't visited all the Eastern Kingdoms locations, but most seem to be in areas that weren't badly affected by the Shattering so I would assume they are still accurate.  Please comment if they aren't!
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