Monday, 10 January 2011

Lifebloom and Grid

Now that Lifebloom is one of a Druid's main healing spells again, its important that we are able to keep track of it. There was a post on Murloc Parliament the other day detailing a few different ways to do it and today I'd like to share how I've set mine up.

We can only have Lifebloom on one person at a time, and we are trying to keep three stacks rolling using Nourish, Healing Touch or just by refreshing with Lifebloom. For this reason, I needed to know the following things in my Grid:
  • Who has Lifebloom?
  • How many stacks?
  • Duration remaining

Happily, this is fairly straightforward in Grid. You don't even need any extra Grid addons.

Firstly, I set the centre icon to show Lifebloom stacks.

In the Status tab, select Buff: Lifebloom in the menu then make sure that "Show if mine" and "Show duration" are selected.

When I started using this in dungeons, I realised that poison, curse, magic and disease icons also appear in the centre of Grid squares, covering the Lifebloom icon. I use decursive for my debuff removal, so I just went back into the Indicators tab for Grid, switched off the debuffs for the "Center Icon" and stuck them on the "Bottom Side" location as little dots (you need GridSideIndicators to do this). Now they still show up in Grid, but they don't overlap my Lifebloom indicator.

To help me notice when Lifebloom is close to bloom, I'm trying out a Power Aura showing the icon and a timer when the duration is less than four seconds. Once I get a better feel for the timing I'll probably turn it off, and if I'm managing to roll on more than one target it will screw up a bit, but until I'm used to healing again it's helping me out.

If you'd like to use it, you can import this string directly into your Power Auras:
Version:4.9; InvertAuraBelow:4; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; groupOrSelf:true; size:0.27; y:116; timer.h:1.45; timer.enabled:true; timer.y:114; timer.x:-9

How do you track Lifebloom?  I'm interested in hearing other people's methods!

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