Sunday 2 January 2011

Making Merry

Happy New Year to you all!

I've had a great lazy week, this week. I had the whole week off work and in between our social commitments, I've just been mucking around in-game - A few dailies here, a normal dungeon there, leveling my Mage here, leveling Leesah's archaeology there.

I did try to Moonkin a LFD heroic at one point since Leesah's gear is just good enough, but the group wiped at the first boss and everyone left. I was a bit disheartened after that - after all the queues on my server are between 30-45 minutes for DPS.

In general I am just pottering around and enjoying the new things. I have lots of guildies who are 85 now but we haven't had enough heroic-ready people on at the same time to try one out. We've all been busy over the holidays so hopefully in the next few weeks people will be back on at normal times and we can start with the gearing up. Raiding still looks a way off at this stage, but we'll get there.

Making Merry
In the meantime, I got on with some Merrymaking on Leesah! I wasn't going to bother with it since we were going to be pretty busy this week, but after I went into a Tol Barad as a Gnome and got the achievement in one go, I figured the rest of it couldn't be too hard, right?

I managed to pick up the Red Winter Hat in a normal Stonecore, and borrowed the boots off a guildie (top tip - they're not soulbound). The two remaining that were the work of several days, off and on, were [A Frosty Shake] and [Let It Snow]. There just really aren't many people in Dalaran these days, and those who are are level 70-ish alts who aren't likely to be there for snowmannish purposes. I was actually hanging around looking for Allies for the Let It Snow achievement, when lo and behold, there was a snowman before me! Thanks Deenah of Nagrand, you made my day!


Alliance?  Where Art Thou?
The first problem with [Let It Snow] was getting the snowflakes in the first place.  You get them by blowing kisses to Winter Revelers in the inns of any city or town, but my bags were heavily laden with holly and mistletoe before I got any snowflakes at all!

My first five handfuls were quickly used on the Horde classes around Orgrimmar, but now that we don't have a central location for Horde and Alliance to mingle, the Alliance races proved more tricky.  I picked up a couple of them around Dalaran, but the place was pretty much a ghost town so I decided to try my luck in the non-battle part of Tol Barad. After a few circuits I had only a Gnome Mage remaining.

The problem with Gnomes, is that they are small. By the time I realised a character was a gnome and determined their class, they had usually ridden off into the distance and in any case, the only gnomes I found were Warlocks for some reason. I went through two Tol Barad battles and a Wintergrasp, but PvP battles are just so furious and Gnomes are kind of lost in the spell effects.

After the second Tol Barad battle, I was riding back out across the bridge for another loop around the Peninsula when I spied a Gnome, riding in the other direction! A Gnome Mage, in fact! I gave chase while I found the snowflakes in my bag, and must have just managed to hit him with it before he rode out of range.

Have you got a favourite place for finding the opposite faction now that Dalaran is no longer populated?  Do share!

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