Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Blogosphere

Happy New Year!

I am probably not alone around here in that I read a lot of blogs.  I have over 80 blogs in my GReader and almost all of them are related to WoW, and since reading blogs and listening to Twisted Nether Blogcast helped convinced me to try this whole blogging thing, I thought it was probably time to update my blogroll.

When I first started to read blogs it was with the old masters like BRK, Phaelia, Ratshag and Big Bear Butt (who of course is still around and always awesome).  Now it takes me a good hour or more each day to get through all the new posts!

For Resto Druid advice, Bellwether at 4 Haelz is always a great source of information as is Unbearably HoT.  For moonkins I recommend reading Graylo's blog at Grey Matter - useful information, well presented.  There's also Angela at Restoration Druid, another with great raiding info and a beautiful site - no we're not the same person!  ;)

Of course, for general WoW news how can you go past

General healing and priesty blogs like World of Matticus and Miss Medicina helped me to learn to heal and are also generally awesome reads.

I'm a fangirl for RP stories so I love to read Too Many Annas, Through the Eyes of Death and Sideshow & Syrana.  Awesome stuff - I have a baby hunter kicking around Feathermoon RP server but haven't really encountered any real RP yet - one of these days I will write some background for her and get in there...

I also love webcomics, so my reader also shows me Dark Legacy, WoW Eh? and Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Wow, reading back on that list it seems there's a lot of awesome out there in the blogosphere.  Thanks to all these blogs for entertaining and teaching me in 2009 :)

If you're a blogger feel free to link your blog in a comment - I love to hear about new blogs to add to my list and it's free advertising!
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